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Guidelines to Authors

Preparation of Copy

Submitted manuscripts should contain some definable and original contribution. Articles should be 12 to 15 typed double spaced pages including footnotes and references. Author should submit two copies of manuscript. The process of evaluating the manuscript normally takes about 10-12 days. Before submitting the paper, please prepare copy according to the journal which includes the following :

  • Type all copy, including indented matter, footnotes, and references, on white bond paper, double spaced, and on one side of the page. Lines should be six inches with one inch margin at top and bottom of the page. Please send manuscript by email or hard copy by post.
  • All major headings should be capitalized and centered. All sub-headings should be on left hand and underlined. Text immediately follows the sub-heading.
  • Provide inside page heading of the article.
  • Draw each figure in black ink and type each table on separate pages. Capitalize all letters of the title of tables and figures. Insert a location note in numerical order in the text, e.g., " Table 1 about here".
  • References must be mentioned in the text and marked like '(Plauth et al., 2008)' and so on. But references should be typed in the end with full details.
  • References which are not mentioned in text will be deleted.
  • Papers where references are mentioned in the text and not found in references will not be published and sent back for corrections / amendments.
  • According to the Guidelines of NAAS (National Academy of Agricultural Science) references should be within the period of 10 years from the current year (now 2012) for example the references taken should be within the year 2002-2012, in some cases 1 or 2 reference older than 10 years can be taken. Secondly the references used should me mentioned in the main text for example if you are giving a reference, "John (2008)", it should be mentioned some where in the main text also.

Format of References in Text

Identify all reference to books, monographs, articles, and statistical sources at an appropriate point in the main text by author's last name, year of publication, within parentheses and pagination where appropriate.

  • If author's name is in the text, use only year of publication in parentheses, e.g. Lipset (1963). If the author's name is not in the text, include both author's name and year of publication separated by a comma within the parentheses e.g., (Dahrendorf, 1959).
  • Pagination follows year, separated by a colon, e.g., (Domhoff, 1970 : 45-46).
  • With dual authorship give both names; for three or more use "et al." e.g., (Lipset and Solari, 1967) and Rosen et al., 1969).
  • If more than one reference to the same author and year, distinguish between them by use of letter "a, b......" attached to year of publication; (Moskos, 1971a).
  • Enclose within a single pair of parentheses a series of references, separated by semicolons, e.g. (Lang, 1971; Lopreato, 1972; Olsen, 1973).
  • For institutional / Organisational authorship provide minimum identification from the beginning of the complete citation, e.g., (Am. Pol. Sc. Asso. 1971 : 85 and (US Bureau of the Census, 1972).

NOTE : Kindly send your articles to uabpdindia@gmail.com